Wonderful Review of Shanghai PLS Show: S?o Paulo MC Amplifier Shines
Update time:2019-10-22
2019-10-10 to 2019-10-13, Shanghai PLS professional lighting and sound exhibition as scheduled; 
S?o Paulo once again shines at Booth A56 in Hall N2; 
The four-day booth was attracted by the exhibits of the company during the period, and the customers who stayed in the footsteps continued to flow;

Let's briefly review it below:

Thanks to the elite team of S?o Paulo, let us look forward to meeting you again next time!

The following are important products for this debut

*MC Series Amplifier*

* New TD class high efficiency amplifier, 2/4 channel design, up to 8 ohms 4*1300W; 2*1500W; 
*The panel is equipped with variable LED strips, which can automatically convert green, yellow and red according to different working modes; 
* Volume knob / switch button can transmit light; 
* Panel ventilation magnetic can be removed, easy to clean;

*PFC Series 1/2/4 Channel Power Amplifier Module*

The 1/2/4 channel version of the PFC series has been unveiled! 
High power, 8 ohms 4*1000W, 2*1000W, 1*1000W! Professional active speaker preferred products. 

With the expansion of the domestic performance industry in recent years, the construction of various cultural performance venues has arisen. 

The demand for power amplifiers in important aspects of performance equipment is growing, 

S?o Paulo Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. has also grown and updated its products. 

Success is our ambition, excellence is our pursuit 
For more exciting products, please lock in Sao Paulo! 

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